Ebay treasures: Artis style makeup brushes


Well hello hello my dearest, today, after pretty rough few weeks I am so happy to be writting here and the first good new I want to tell you, that in about two weeks I will be a college graduate with new shiny (lol) diploma and I am so excited, all those nights at the computer screen finally ended and some more freetime to write the blog and make the dinner instead of eating something fast. Also I have photographed some new cool things I’ve got and now I am preparing all those posts and I can’t wait you all to see them. 

This post will be about the products that are circulating in the centre of attention in the last few months – Artis makeup brushes. Almost every vloger on youtube told us that they changed their makeup routine etc. However, as a poor student I can’t afford to pay 56 USD (I don’t include shipping, person who will buy the item for me service cost and so) for one brush. That’s why I chose to look though ebay and this is what I finally received.



As the description says first one from the top is for foundation, bronzer, setting powder, the second one is for cheek contour, foundation, concealer, etc. Third is for eye shadow, eye contour, blush and the last one on the bottom is for lip color, eyeshadow. First thing to say, I’ve read a lot about the fake this type of brushes, and I’ve heard that the cheapest ones have a very thin neck and look like they will break in any moment, so I’ve bought a little bit more expensive ones, and I won’t lie, I choose those because of the color. Talking about all of them, the black handle is all rubber and it’s kind of cool when they are not slipping but the rubber itself is very comfortable to hold. The gold part only looks like metal, it is the same plastic (well what other would you expect) and its not so strong, but it’s strong enough for me. I will talk about the bristles in every description down below.

This one Is the first – the foundation brush. Sorry I took photos after I used it, but you still can see how it is. Right now my opinion about this brush is that I love love love it. I’ve tried a foundation, that usually looked like a mask on my face and applied it with this brush and the face looked gorgeous, it made that foundation look at its best, like my face got enough coverage but still didn’t go to my creases like it did before. Maybe it is not as good as the original ones, but the softness and how it works put it right above where Beauty Blender stood, especialy when talking about the price when this guy costs only 3 USD.

The second one is for check contour,  concealer etc. Well, I didn’t even liked it for concealer. At all. The bristles were stift and when you want to blend under your eye area it goes really hard and I didn’t liked the feeling, but still, for contouring my cheeks it is pretty good, but still not half as good as the big one.


This one is for lips, eyeshadows. I don’t have any opinion about it, but the bristles look like on the second brush, bit stift and hard to use on my eyes. But for highlighting my nose or a cupid bow – perfect. It takes enough of the product and makes it look amazing on the face (after a Makeup Revolution palette I’ve became obsessed with highlighting). But I will repeat myself, I won’t be using it on my eyes – it is too hard.

This last guy is for eyeliner, eye contour, blush (hmm, how?). I have used it not that much, but on my eyebrows and I don’t know if I will change my eyebrow brush with it. Still gotta try it as an eyeliner brush. Not too much opinion about it I guess. Not loving, but not hating yet.

So this is it. Cute looking brushes, which cost me ~10 euros all. I absolutely would recommend the biggest one, which costs about 4 euros. You can find them here or search toothbrush brush on ebay or aliexpress for a little bit cheaper alternatives. And also, the makeup I’ve done with my new friends is here.


Have a good evening!


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