Trying on: Aliexpress matt lipsticks


sorry for not posting much this week, I’ve got my birthday (i’ll write about it in a few days), started new job and still sruggling with my finals in college, so I hope I will get more time soon. So, talking about the post – in the begining I want to say that I always was sceptical about cosmetic from this site, because we don’t know any ingredients that was used and how bad it could be for person to use it. But this month, I let myself to be a little crazy and try two colors from aliexpress. Those are not those colors I would use everyday (or to use at all) but I really wanted to try them on myself and not to pay much. Maybe blue and black won’t fit me anyway.


The bottles looked like this – not very big and easy to carry with you. The containers are not too fancy, but they do their job and look like they have enoughof the quality to keep lipstick in place.

Wands of those lipsticks are like any other lipgloss, not very big and not too small.


The swatches of those lipsticks when they are wet, and after about 5 minutes when they dries off. In the second picture they look a little glittery, but only blue one has some shimmers in it. Black is absolutely matt.


I am a pretty terrible when it comes to get my lips done and all my cosmetic bag is 100 kilometers away from me, so I did this only to show how it looks on me. And I am so sorry, next time it will be better, I promise. So, the difference in black color before and after and the blue – after. Only thing that annoys me  is that you need to put – 2 or 3 layers to make lips look even. In the pictures below I have 1 layer of lipstick.


To take it off after it dries is a little struggle, I needed 4 cotton pads with my favorite micelar water.

However, for 0,84 cents each those are a really cool thing for photoshoot or to play with. Of course, if you have enough courage you can wear it anytime. To buy those, or 22 other colours click here.  Also, shipping to LTU was only 10 days and it got me really excited. And all that quality for this price is excellent. So I am looking for other colors to try on.

Also, before I forgot, the formula is not drying your lips and for comparison is much better than Sleek Matte me which I actually hated too much. If I will find the pictures I will write more about it (because I gave it away months ago).

I am also waiting for some more cute things from ali and can’t wait to review them for you. Have a beautiful day. xx

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